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Ayumi Yui is best known as the talented artist behind the marvelously drawn manga Windup Doll Tina, the delightful, Delicious! and most recently for serializing Ashita no Nadja. All of these appeared in the popular Japanese magazine Nakayoshi.  Ayumi-sensei has also written and drawn Welcome!, Welcome! To the Smile Dorm, Chim Chim Cherry and other works that are not as well known in America.

All of these manga display Ayumi-senesi's artistic abilities to their fullest. Words truly cannot express just how excellent her work is.  Her genius in expressing emotions and actions is unparalleled in the genre of shoujo manga.

I would like to think this page will always be under construction...I want senesi to be putting out more than I can keep up with! But for the moment, I've made a tiny 'on line' art book that I'll be adding to as time goes by.  Please let me know what you think!

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The Ayumi Yui Art Book



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