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Sept 15, 2010

Dang! It's almost been two years since I've written here! What's up with that? ^__^

I just posted three stories from a series no one knows about called Angel's Doubt. Don't ya love it?
It's not even remotely shonen ai, so I wrote it that way. I have to say, this series makes me smile
and I sincerely hope it goes on for a very, very long time. If you'd like to DL translations please go here.


October 12, 2008

A Milo fanfic!

These announcements are getting shorter and shorter! lol


July 13, 2008

More Milo. ^__^


June 25, 2008

Feeling unloved, again. No praise in days.
I think I'll jump...


June 3, 2008

More Milo...surprise, surprise.
I'm also polishing him for another round of rejections.
Are you as excited as I am at the thought? ^__^


March 30, 2008

Good News!! ^__^  The second Milo page is up!

Milo Scarlet ...2 

For lack of a better name. ~~d:
Have I mentioned that I love life? ^__^


Happy 2008!

January 30th

I received the nicest email regarding the alternate beginning to
LR and was inspired to share more of my created world.

Please let me know what you think. ^__^

And for those of you that were wondering...yes. I'm three episodes into Milo.
I just can't decide if I should continue on the page I'm using, or make a new one for a new book?

What do you think?


December 13th

Barbara got back to me. ^__^    Milo is updated and complete! How cool is that???


December 12, 2007

So! Guess what? I just THIS MINUTE finished Milo as a novel!
Cool, huh? =)
I sent the final episode to Barbara and will update his page as soon as she sends back the copy with all the commas I failed to add.
I plan on writing more of his adventures, but that bit we'll consider a volume and I can go back to writing episodes that are loosely connected.

I'm also going to start another Regency piece. Looking forward to that. ^__^


October 25, 2007

I just wanted to thank my editor, Barbara, for her work on my behalf.
Milo wouldn't look half as good as he does without her sharp eyes and steady supply of commas.



October 19, 2007

Just me playing. Sharing some info I thought was interesting.

Oh, and Milo got his first rejection this week. Woo hoo. lol The fun never ends. ^__^;;


October 8, 2007

More Milo...hmm...sounds familiar, huh?

And with this latest episode, I'm THRILLED to announce that my little side story--
that was there to fill up time when I needed a break from my "real" writing--

has reached novel length!!

Perhaps I should look for an agent for Milo...because I haven't gotten a rejection letter in days! lol

^___^ Happy Pattie!!


September 16, 2007

Once again...more Milo! ^__^

What do you think? Should I put up a poll and find out which Milo episode readers like best?
I know, I know...you love them all. Me too! >_<


August 31, 2007

I submitted my novel, The Labyrinth's Reply, to a contest where the winner gets a publishing contract.
It's, literally, a popularity contest, which makes sense from a publishing POV,
however, I'm willing to bet that a lot of ballot box stuffing is going on.
So, if you feel like helping me into the next round, join Gather and vote for me!

Only scores of 10 will count.

The contest only runs until the 18th of Sept...so shake a leg!!

And thanks. ^__^


July 23,2007

And now, even more Milo! lol

Yes, I updated his page...again.

I thought I'd include a picture of the inspiration for Milo.
We were in Tokyo, in the 'light novel' section of a book store, when I passed Black Blood Brothers.
Of course I had no idea what it was at the time, but the main character was
enough of an eye-catch that Milo sprang, full formed, into my head.

Milo Scarlet

So, if you're reading Milo, and you should be, that's what he looks like. ^__^



June 10, 2007

More Milo! ^__^
Oh, and I redid his page. Do you like it?


April 6, 2007

I want you to all please note...I made one of those little logo thingies up by the URL
and spent today putting it on (hopefully) all the pages. (If you see one I missed, please email me.)

And, I would like to thank the readers of my newest series. ^__^ I love my Milo.


March 30, 2007

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am!!
I've put up a new page of an on-going series that I'm just delighting in.

Go to Pure Pattie, and check out the next best thing.


Oct 18, 2006

Warning...pissy rant to follow...

Do you know when the last time I received any feedback was? Me neither.
The last message on my guestbook was December of last year and it was asking for more fics.

You're welcome.

I average 130+ hits a day. Not one guest since July 14, 2005 has bothered to say
I love your stories or, I think your stories blow chunks...
Lemme do the math for you...that's over 207K visits without a peep.

You're welcome.


May 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary Karen and John!  

I've put up a page of original works: Pure Pattie
Busy busy!! ;-)

Oct 11, 2005


While it's only an honorable mention, the 3 winners are all published.
Too cool!! ^____^


July 16, 2005

I went ahead and made a page special for all would-be authors. ^__^
That was fun. lol

Another Rejection Letter...


July 8, 2005

I don't doubt that there are plenty of people out there who can tell you how difficult it is to try and publish,
and I'm sorry to say: I am now one of them. ^__^;; I have 167 rejection letters to show for all my hard work. Don't even try to think about the money spent in postage and printing, it'll only make you sick. God knows it makes ME sick. lol

I am at the point where I'm thinking that putting up chapters here isn't such a bad idea.
I've also toyed with the idea of making a 'hall of shame' for agents who send the most obnoxious rejection letters
so that other, would-be authors, are better prepared.

We'll see. ^__~

In the mean time, I'm going to start putting up the (no kidding) fan fics I've written about the novels
(yes, novels, there are several at this point.) (Working on the 7th I think)
(And how pompous is that? Writing fics on my own stuff! lol)

The point being, it'll give folks a chance to read something new by me,
you'll know I'm still up to my eyeballs in stories,
and though they aren't Saint Tail, they're still brain candy.

We'll start with a real aside. This story was inspired by the first novel,
but includes none of the characters. It's a total stand alone, total aside, total disconnect...

Which I hope you love. ^___^      Email me and tell me you do...even if you don't.
It'll be a refreshing change from rejection letters. lol



November 25, 2004

Eleven months later I'm 400+ pages into the sequel
and loving it just as much as the first one. But I sincerely

feel bad about neglecting this site as much as I have. I console myself with the
thought that I'm REALLY busy. ^__~

I added a story, What Would You Do? that I was enjoying while writing, but could never get
further than I did. If you'd like to add your 2 cents, here's your chance.
Email me if you'd like to help, and maybe we'll get lucky. ^__^


January 1, 2004

<Sigh> The book is done, printed out, and gone to the editors, finally.
I don't know if I should laugh or cry. It topped out at 887 single-sided (manuscript) pages,
so I'm figuring 400 book pages. <sigh>
I think I need a hug.


April 19, 2003

Hi! Yes, I'm still working on the original piece. I have to say,
I'm enjoying it as much as sex and everything else in my life
is suffering...but TOO BAD!!!!  ^__^   lol I really love
what I'm writing and with luck one day
I'll be in your local book store signing copies! ^__~

In the mean time I've added to the Ayumi Yui Art Book!
Our darling is writing the manga for the anime series Ashita no Nadja so
I added a color picture from Nakayoshi for us all to drool over. Naturally
I've started buying the toys... ^^ Ah life...


December 2, 2002

Hello! Just a quick update to say I've been hugely busy on an
original piece and have had mental time for nothing else.
I realize this doesn't help you folks in any meaningful way,
but rest assured, I have another fic in mind...
I just need to work through the other piece first.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to sign my guest book.
I actually read if often, as it helps me keep plugging away.
I'd also like to thank those of you that took a moment
and sent me an email, praising my works. It really means a lot to me.

Thanks again and again. Watch this page...more to follow. ^__^


August 18, 2002

I'm finally posting A Gift from the Sky and may I never
have as much trouble on a fic ever again! You all owe me! :p
Write and let me know what you think!!


July 19, 2002

It must be slow at work because I'm pounding out stories
left, right and center. I put up the Hime-chan hentai fic as well as the Hameln one.
Busy Pattie, huh?
I know I've told you all I put up a guest book, and I'm happy that people are
writing in it, but I'd like to urge you to include your email address so I
can write you back and thank you in person. Of course if you don't want to
I understand, so please consider yourself thanked. ^__^

No sign of my proofreader as of yet so nothing on the Saint Tail front...sorry. But
hopefully soon. Obviously I'll let you know.  'Til then, check out Page Two and happy hunting.


July 15, 2002

Hello again.  Quick update!  I added a Hime-chan section and story and I still
have that hentai one to add...as soon as I come up with a title. ^__^ ;
I also put up another Hameln story and might just post a hentai fic there as well, we'll see.

So go over to Page Two for the newbies...and don't forget to let me know what you think.


July 12, 2002

I've finally finished A Gift from the Sky and it's off to the proofreader.
I'm SO happy!!! With luck it'll be back soooon.
Oh, and I added more pictures to the Art Book.  Happy happy!


June 9, 2002

I'm not adding anything with this update, but I am curious about something that I sadly think I'll never know the real answer for, but here's the thing:  Consistently the hentai piece, Food for Thought is the top story on all my pages and frankly I'm at a loss as to why?! I think the other hentai pieces are SO much better. Can anyone suggest a reason?  Drop me a line if you think you can explain it to me.


I have discovered tonight that this site looks like crap on Opera.  If you're using that search engine...sorry. ^^;;

I've also been reading a bunch of these (yes, it's true, I'm still a fan!) and I have to admit... lol... I get WAY annoyed when a really good scene just ends!  It's like, "Where's the rest!?! Get back and write more you creep!!"


May 21, 2002

Changed the updates picture.  I just love this one so I play with it
a lot.  Do you like it? ^__^ 

2 new stories up. ^^  Happy day!  Of course I want to know what you think of them!
9 Days
Why don't you look at me?

I also wanted to say that the Ayumi sensei Art Book is getting a lot of traffic
and I thank you all for visiting.  And finally I have a title for the next large story!  It's called A Gift from the Sky.
With luck it'll be done SOOOOOON!!!!  It's been kicking around for so long I'm thinkin' we
should be pickin' out curtains. ^_~


May 14, 2002

Added a DreamBook for direct feedback...so go and sign it. ^__^

Also! I'm officially announcing the Ayumi Yui Art Book! It's an online
art book for my favorite mangaka.  I'll be adding to it as I can
but it's up and now officially open!


What's today anyway? Hmm... either April 24th or 25th

Hi! It's been a very busy month on the web page, which of course
thrills me no end.  I'm glad people keep stopping by and even happier when I get
mail about it (hint hint!)   The hentai list is over 1000 lurking
members,and the non-hentai one finally broke 150!  Yippee!

But in the real news I've been working on the Ayumi Yui portion of the page as
sensei's been getting MORE hits than my hentai stuff! 0__0
  So, it's small, but it'll grow
and you can find it here.  Feedback is REALLY appreciated!


March 20, 2002

Hello again!  Does this font look small to you?  It does to me.
I've added a new story to the 'Scenes' section.  It's called Love Letters
and I hope you like it enough to let me know. ^__^ 
I'd like to thank all my fans for the wonderful feedback I've been getting.  I keep it all, you know,
and when I'm feeling down I'll go back and re-read it. :-)   It's great to know
you all care. So keep it comin'! xoxoxox


January 29, 2002

Well, it's been a real trial, but welcome to the new page!  I've added a story to the one shot deals,
A Gentleman's Agreement and I really think it's sweet (imagine that!) ^_^ I've also
done a lot of re-writes on older stories that needed the help!

The old site will remain up until the server takes it down,
but since I can't get into it to re-direct, it'll be a mirror site.  I'm
not happy about it, but what can you do?


Oct 10, 2001

Hello again. ^_^  Still busy, but I've added a Detective Conan story
that I finally posted to the list and got positive feedback for. That was good enough
for me to want to put it up.  I guess I'm more timid about my stories than
I thoughtLike a Hime cham lemon I have ready to go.  Should I? What do you think?


Sept 20, 2001 

Hi!  Nothing new to add as I've been massively busy with the new mailing list. 
I've been scanning and up loading like crazy.   I've also been adding to the Hentai list's files. 
I'm still working on the Seira story, but it's stalled and so I'm letting it lie for a few.  In the mean time
I'm playing with the MLs...won't you join us?


Aug 19, 2001 

Greetings!  Just put the newest story up. 
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  I'd like to thank my beta reader once again as I
couldn't have done it without her!  Also... I've created another mailing list... this one on the
wonderful topic of the art of Ayumi Yui, author of Windup Doll TinaPlease join us as we explore her amazing art.
And now... back to work on the next story. ^_^


Aug 3, 2001 

Well I'm back a lot sooner than I thought I would be. 
I've finally decided to post 2 stories that have been kicking around for a long time. 
One is on the hentai page, the other is a Violinist of Hameln story that I
think is very beautiful.  I'm sure you'll let me know.   Oh, and the new story's name is
Past Influences... and it's coming soooon.


July 30, 2001 

A new story!  No title yet, but it's a large
Meimi/Asuka Jr. fic involving images from the Tarot.  I currently have
my beta reader hard at work, so watch this page!

I have several other stories in the works... but no spiffy promo art like the above...yet! :-) 
You can never tell when I'll get on a jag and play in Photoshop.  (Isn't it a lovely picture of Saint Tail though?)

Anyway, the point being... I've decided to put in an Updates page, for my own edification (I can't believe I spelled that right the first time!)  If you come to the site often you can stop by here and see what's cookin'.   Oh, and I started a hentai St Tail list over on Yahoogroups, if you're interested, and of legal age! ^_^